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A quick post before Christmas eve.

Everyone’s home for Christmas! And I’m hiding from all of the Christmas action. I’m simply not in the mood.Even bought my gifts just this afternoon. As opposed to planning it a month before.

I am about to face Christmas head on in a few minutes (after posting this). I will engage in cooking Noche Buena, or probably just mixing the fruit salad.

Tomorrow everyone’s leaving for Davao to meet my sister and her family who decided to grave us with their presence. I’m not going. Despite the fact that my father already planned the whole vacation with me in mind. Without asking my permission – which kinda pisses me off.

They keep treating me like I’m still a kid. No, thank you, my family has plans.

Sorry I’m such a Grinch. I’m just pissed off is all.

Uhm, try to have a Merry Christmas for me will you?