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Kids talk about love as if they know everything.

Facebook is covered with statuses of love, twitter is spewing love quotes here and there. And they’re mostly from kids, not even young adults, kids.

Us, adults, sigh or roll our eyes or simply dismiss their silly love ramblings – at least I do. Because truly, what do they know?

Yes, they do hold truth for at least 10% of what they’re talking about. And for them, they probably believe it 100%. And in their defense, they are just telling the truth.

Love is when you post something mushy, someone likes it on FB and their whole network of friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, schoolmates, former schoolmates sees it online. Ah! Digital love and the romance of it all. Their love is young love, puppy love, sweetheart love.

Going through maturity, you experience different stages of love, even deeper depths of it.

  • The love of a teacher – burning their brows meticulously checking essays through the night.
  • The love of a friend – taking her friend’s side through an ordeal whilst keeping her head out of a pool of tears.
  • The love of a stranger – who would travel all the way to Cagayan de Oro or Iligan to distribute relief goods to the victims of Sendong, or sending out a meager box of donations because that’s all they could afford to give. (Let’s face it, not everyone is rich enough to donate loads of cash.)
  • The love of a sibling – an inexplicable love that nobody seems to fully appreciate.
  • The love of a spouse – who would still hold hands after a huge argument, which would’ve destroyed young love in one sitting.
  • The love of a mother – who cries as her daughter cries from a heartbreak, or stays strong as her son finally has that first serious relationship.
  • The love of a father – who works elbow deep in work grease just to let his kid indulge in a happy meal from McDo (because kids love their free toys so much).

This is not a bashing towards puppy love. No, I’m all for that. Or facebook love, hey I know how it feels like to have a dozen and more likes – you feel like a rockstar and it’s gratifying, as fleeting and senseless as it is.

This is, however, a eureka moment. I found it! I found love in a hopeless place. Not in reference to the song by…Rihanna, is it? (although I find myself humming the tune now). Because love is everywhere. It is. There is no need to find it, you only need to appreciate it.

Kids have digital love, a few likes here and there. It isn’t wrong to express how you feel, only let’s slide it down a notch. Most of them probably base love on how much it is gratified by the other. Well, if they ever get their heads out of their computer screens they might realize that their mother has been cooking that bulalo for almost an hour trying to make it tender and tasty enough for their testy taste buds. Do they say “Thank you for a great meal, mom.”? I doubt it.

Sooner or later maturity will strike. And love and all its facets and mysteries shall be discovered.

Soon we shall see, unrequited love isn’t so bad after all.

There are much more to life than romantic love, kids of this digital era. So much more love out there than digital love.

PS I’d like to congratulate myself for admitting that I am actually an adult.

Do I make sense? I am just crashing down from an ultimate carb-high from Noche Buena last night. Or am I pulling up from my holiday/Christmas depression. So I can’t really say if I’m being coherent or not.

Hit me back with your thoughts. If you agree with me, cool. If not, I believe ou would be one of those digital kids. πŸ™‚