Music is powerful.

Now playing: Hands Down, Dashboard Confessional. Hands down one of the best romantic songs ever written. Best memories, too. Summer 2005. Things were crazier and I was at one of my happiest. There was the night filled with laughter – laughing all night long, literally. The nights where we tried to escape sleep. The mornings spent taste testing different sorts of hot chocolate. The afternoons, lazily spent. We defied the norm. F ilty wls.

It’s 2012. Wow. Things are considerably mellow now and life’s a little bit normal. Things still get crazy. Laughs still echo into the whist of the night. And I still try to evade sleep (as I always do). But the mornings have become a rush and always, always go by like a blur. Afternoons take up most of my day – errands, work, a little bit of play. But in the midst of all the chaos that is now my life, there are still the quiet moments. The ones that make up for everything. F ilty wls.

Hello, 2012. Sorry for the late welcome. But you see, I was busy letting go of the baggage 2011 left me.