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January 20, 2012
At around 2:00 pm

I sat waiting for my turn inside the conference room. I guess I could say that I’ve been in situations like this before – waiting for an interview with the dean, or some professors. But never for a job interview. And with the Philippine Red Cross – Cotabato Chapter board members as interviewers!

The interviewee before me was in for more than 35 minutes already and I was getting more anxious by the second. Thinking if I should bolt out the door. They might laugh at my face because of the ZERO work experience. They might think I’m this lazy ass who spends her days doing nothing. Every negative thought went through my head. But I stayed put, with occasional feet tapping, of course.

It turned out okay. The board members were sweet women, motherly figures, and they just wanted to, like they said, “hear my voice”. I explained my side as to why I am in need of a job (who doesn’t?). And we did some chitchat. They explained that the job description calls for more than just a medical technologist. And the hours might not exactly follow an 8-hour rule. And that it will include travelling to towns, even remote places. And answering to emergency calls. I think that was their way of discouraging, or warning, me but it really made me want the job more.

Hopefully, they would call me back with a Yes.

Here’s to growing up.