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Temple Run

This game should come with a warning: When playing temple run, refrain from walking.

You shan’t move a muscle, except for the muscles of the forearm and the index finger. Let the man in the temple do all the moving (running, jumping, sliding, turning). If you can manage to not breathe for the whole duration of the game, that would be swell.

I got curious as to the whole temple run fuss from my twitter feed and decided to download, heck it’s free anyway. I was never really good in games that involve fast reflexes so when I saw that there were no puzzles waiting to be solved at some pit stop in the temple (you know, like in Amazing Race), I started to lose hope. And there was tilting involved too! I may have died that exact second. Only to be resurrected to play the darn game again.

Once, I tried to play just before sleeping while holding the ipod high. I reached the part where the road is cut so that you had to pass by the sides, so I tilted (as per instruction from the tutorial) and it didn’t tilt. Had to play while lying on my tummy instead. Which was fine by me. Then, again while playing in midday, I got so caught up that I was standing in the way. I heard a faint “excuse me” and moved like the polite lady that I am. And the cowboy guy in the game moved too, seems the ipod’s super sensitive accelerometer made him think I wanted him to jump from the edge of the narrow stoney walk they sadistically put there. Argh!

Let me just say that I am not, in any way, considered addicted to the game. My highest score is in the 150,000-160,000 range. Which is nothing compared to the millions that most people brag about in their twitter accounts.

Also, why do they give these games up for free? Aren’t people engaged enough in their gadgets already?

Much hate,
Bitter player/Sore loser