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Boy, did we have a feast tonight. Well, technically, this ‘tonight‘ would be the night of January 26, 2012 but I won’t be posting this right away. Because I already posted one this morning which was from the night before too and I kind of wanted to not flood one day with posts and end up with nothing to post on the next.

As I was saying, our table looked like my mother was in the house and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Nowadays, we have one or two dishes per night. This night, however, the dining table was filled to the brim by plates of different dishes. Something rare now that my mom has changed zip codes.

Clockwise: escabecheng malasugi, heaps of rice, tuna paella, short ribs soup, adobong pechay and ginataang manok in the center.

Granted, two of these meals were from last night’s leftover fish and this tuna paella my nephew wanted to try. But still, I wondered if we would ever be able to finish half of what was there.

Why so many, you may ask?

For three nights now, I have been cooking lunch and dinner for the family. First day, January 24, 2012, lunch, was Chicken Adobo with Pineapple. A disaster at first because I had to follow that damn pineapple chunks can’s instructions instead of heeding to my mother-in-law’s recipe. Hence, an overly sweet version which was a completely different dish on its own – definitely not adobo with pineapples. More like chicken pineapple stew. But after a few remedies (water, salt, soy sauce – basically cooking the whole dish from scratch) I came up with a decent adobo which was still loved and even praised by hubby and kid.

Second night, January 25, 2012, I opted for a simple pan fried malasugi (blue marlin) fillets. This one was a tad rubbery probably because it was already an old fish. Made some lemon butter sauce for it though which upped it from the typical tamad dinner. Still, something was missing. During dinner, I finally ditched the lemon butter concept and mixed some soy sauce, chopped up onions and tomatoes. Surely this tried and tested combo would salvage the whole meal. But it didn’t. My tongue wasn’t satisfied. I lost my appetite and played around with my food. It was then that my failed lemon butter sauce and tried and tested soy sauce got mixed up and actually made the meal more palatable. The husband tried the lemon butter & soy sauce combo later that night and absolutely loved it. Even wanted more.

Lastly, for tonight’s meal, I thought of Ginataang Manok (Chicken cooked in coconut milk).

Ginataang manok

It was easy enough but gata (coconut milk) has just too much flavor. And I wanted something to balance the creaminess. Enter my Adobong Pechay as a “side dish”.

Adobong pechay

So that’s two dishes already. Last night’s pan fried fish got remodeled into an Escabeche.

Escabecheng malasugi

And earlier today, our cook made this short ribs soup for my little niece who was in the house. That makes four dishes. Let’s not forget the leftover canned tuna paella which I tasted quite hesitantly last night and did not even touch tonight that my nephew insisted on serving.

Canned tuna paella

That’s dish number 5. For three people present during dinner that was more than enough.

I do apologize for the very poor resolution of the images. Shot this using an ipod camera. I wish I could offer a nicer set of photos but my camera got stolen just a few months back and haven’t gotten a new one yet.