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Coffee should be piping hot.

That’s what I discovered these past few days while going through my coffee craving. Any temperature in between is just yuck. I tried making a 90% hot and 10% cold coffee, courtesy of our water dispenser. It didn’t give me the buzz that I wanted. Apparently, coffee buzz comes from the heat too.

Mind you, I don’t drink store-bought coffee, especially here in our humble town where there is only one respectable coffee shop. Neither do I get a pack of a fancy brand like Starbucks coffee (which would be divine, really, if I can get a hold of it here). Most of you might shudder at the thought but I simply have good ol’ Nescafe 3-in-1, the regular, red, ready-to-drink sachet.

I tried the regular mix of 1 Nescafe sachet, 2 Coffeemate sachets, 2 tsps sugar (or was it 5?) coffee but now opt for the 3-in-1 alternative. It’s just more convenient and fuss-free.

Oh, and I enjoy my coffee with dipped bread too. 🙂

In closing, coffee must either be piping hot or ice cold with lots of whipped cream (preferably white choco mocha).