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photo grabbed from robblogging.blogspot.com

It’s pouring outside and our normal, untampered (a.k.a. no hot water) shower is spewing out glorious warm water. Heaven.

After taking up the habit of having quick showers to cap off the day, I’ve gotten used to taking these showers with cold or rarely lukewarm water. But tonight was a very nice surprise.

I take my showers with Dove bar soaps and then lather on a bit of Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Moisturizing Body Wash too. And, like how my older sister or Ate (as we Filipinos call our older sisters) does it, I would slather on Nivea creme after the shower adding a bit of Johnson’s bedtime lotion for the scent. They say applying lotion right after a bath is the best time to do so. I need the lotion to work on my skin so badly (like now na) after I’ve neglected it for months. My skin needs a lot of work – so much that my legs’ skin looked like scales (such a horrible yucky sight). Lotion, please work some magic.

Now, off to the couch with my ipod and Order up!!! App. Been playing this for days now trying to earn money to buy that second restaurant. Have you played it? 🙂 It’s addicting, at least to lame types like me who can’t make it in Temple Run.