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What ruined my appetite for dinner tonight was our side trip to Datu’s Brew, located along Gov. Gutierrez Avenue in Cotabato City.

I had the urge for comfort food (i.e. pasta) after a little emotional letdown yet again due to Facebook. (I really have angst towards FB, don’t ask!) While heading home I asked my daughter who went along with me if she wanted to grab a bite, at which she said no. When I told her it would include coffee, she hesitantly said yes. But I know she was already hooked. She likes coffee which is bad for her, I know. I only allow her a sip or two. (yeah right)

I showed her this quaint place right alongside the street. We went in and immediately ordered one iced mocharamel latte and a potato penne salad (or was it chicken potato penne salad) as suggested by friends. Belle wanted to sit by the road. Since it was a lovely afternoon out, I agreed. Only to go in after a few minutes when I peeked in and saw a free couch at the end of the room.

The walls were painted a shade of yellow (which I love) and had Maguindanaoan inspired decor all over.

Oh, and I love their couch and arm chairs. Are they arm chairs even though they lack arms?

Wooden furniture everywhere. Banigs as decorative pieces. Their table was a converted vintage trunk – cool! Tried to take photos but image resolution would’ve sucked so I dumped the idea.

Asked Belle to pose just for the sake of having something to do while waiting.

Our food came and I got a few bites in before the idea of a blog post popped into my head. Silly moi. This is why I can never be a food blogger. Anyway, here they are:

(Chicken) Potato Penne Salad

Iced Mocharamel Latte

She got in a few sips and bites before her tummy complained. Had to pack up and leave.

All in a mommy’s day.